Ennis Paint


Location: Dallas, TX and Thomasville, NC
Phone: (336) 475-6600
Website: www.ennisflint.com
Status: Current Investment
Ennis Paint Ennis Paint Ennis Paint

Ennis-Flint Traffic Safety Solutions (“Ennis-Flint” or the “Company”) is a market leader within the highly attractive and fragmented $3.1 billion global pavement marking industry.  Ennis-Flint, based in Dallas, TX and Thomasville, NC, is the result of the March 2012 merger of Ennis Paint and Flint Trading, both of which were Brazos portfolio investments.  The Company makes and sells highly durable and retro-reflective marking products used in the construction, maintenance and repair of highways, roads, airports and other applications, to government and commercial customers worldwide, with manufacturing facilities located in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

Background to the Transaction

Ennis Paint, founded in 1996 by Bryce Anderson and his son John Anderson, had consolidated a leadership position within the U.S. pavement markings market through a buy-and-build strategy.  In 2007, the Anderson family chose to recapitalize the business with Brazos as a result of the Firm’s local presence in Dallas, its relationship with management, and its experience with family owned businesses.  In 2010, Brazos was introduced to Flint Trading through Bryce Anderson, and demonstrated that the firm could help Steve Vetter, CEO of Flint Trading, drive further growth in revenue and earnings.  Brazos successfully structured a transaction that resulted in partial liquidity for the Flint Trading management shareholders.  In March 2012, Brazos announced the merger and recapitalization of Ennis Paint, Inc. and Flint Trading, making Ennis-Flint Traffic Safety Solutions the leading global provider of pavement marking materials.