Comark Building Systems

Location: DeSoto, TX
Phone: (800) 760-3784
Status: Exited in 2006
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Comark Building Systems is one of the leading specialty manufacturers of commercial grade modular buildings in the United States Comark manufactures buildings for a number of different uses including dormitories, medical and dental clinics, commercial offices, laboratories, school complexes, classrooms, computer labs, daycare facilities, commercial banks, retail stores, sales centers and churches. The Company sells its buildings into three broad market segments: (i) local, state and federal government, including military bases, among others; (ii) education, including public school districts, private schools and colleges; and (iii) private, including churches, medical and dental centers, banks and others. Comark provides a comprehensive range of services including design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, set up and installation.

Background to the Transaction

Founded in 1989, Comark’s two founders were both entrepreneurs who wanted to generate personal liquidity while having an institutional partner to provide capital for growth. The owners also desired different levels of post-acquisition responsibilities. Brazos not only worked with the owners to achieve their personal objectives and partial liquidity, but also provided a significant amount of roll-over equity and subordinated notes in order to align incentives as well as keep the founders motivated over Brazos’ investment period.